Meet Our Team

Jeremy Floyd


Jeremy is a unicorn – a truly unique blend of personality, intellect and creative rebellion. At his core he is a marketing technologist, and is passionate about unleashing potential in people and companies. At the same time, he is a visionary marketing executive and entrepreneur experienced at setting organizational vision and business development strategy. Jeremy has served as CEO, President, CMO, Founder and chief bottle washer at small and medium-sized businesses. When not uncovering the latest in AI technology, Jeremy can be found at the soccer field with his family or discovering the most unique shoes or blazer on Touch of Modern.

Jonathan Babcock

VP of Marketing

Jonathan is a natural leader and an experienced entrepreneur. He’s not just one to delegate though. You can find him rolling up his sleeves to wrestle the bear to the ground, whether that’s through managing Adwords or creating a custom chatbot.

Marshall Stephens

Director of Digital Marketing

Bases loaded, bottom of the ninth. Your team needs a home run to win the game. Up to bat is Marshall Stephens. Without breaking a sweat, he takes a single swing & knocks it out of the park. The crowd goes wild and your brand wins the game. While this humble marketing director knows that his hard work has led the team to victory, he chooses instead to acknowledge the rest of the team, and how it was everyone’s hard work that paid off in the end.

Amanda Martin

Marketing Automation Manager

Coming to FUNYL with 10+ years of marketing automation and engagement experience, Amanda otherwise known online as “DrifterMama” takes the digital marketing wheel and drives leads for her clients and her creativity proves her to think outside the lanes. When she isn’t waving her wand to create innovative emails and chatbot campaigns, she spends her time cheering on her daughter at the soccer field, at any number of race tracks, or watching Atlanta Braves baseball.

Jenna Anderson

Digital Marketing Specialist

A native of Maryland, Jenna traded blue crabs for bluetick coonhounds when she headed south to attend the University of Tennessee. With a knack for communication and a keen eye for detail, Jenna blends a background in public relations with a penchant for analytics to drive SEO results for FUNYL’s ecommerce clients. When she’s not crafting backlinking strategies, she enjoys traveling, and staking her place as FUNYL’s resident bartending expert.

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