Custom eCommerce Product Photography

Your Products, Your Way

Photography Strategy Tailored to Your Store

You have to get your online store’s product photography right — and we can help. Our ecommerce photography experts work with you to tailor a photo strategy that’s right for your business. Whether you’re selling surfboards or sundials, we can create high-quality, compelling product photography that will set your products above your competitors. And we’ll do it at a price that can’t be beat. 

Need Multiple Backgrounds? We Do That!

In today’s ecommerce world, it’s common for an ecommerce store to have a website (or two), a storefront on Amazon and another on eBay. Many storeowners use different backgrounds or photo styles to create a different look for each of their storefronts. Sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be! We can help you create a unique look for each storefront — and save you money in the process!

Photos Optimized for Each of Your Platforms

It’s one thing to take a decent photo. It’s quite another to make that photo look the best it can for your store. We offer Amazon and web-ready JPGs for use on Amazon, Magento, Shopify, and other ecommerce platforms. Need a high-res Photoshop file for print use? We can do that, too. We also offer photography with shadows or reflections, and staging for lifestyle photos. Plus, we can help you create a multi-storescope strategy with different photos for different sites

You can download sample full-resolution images, like the ones you would get when we deliver your final order, by clicking here.

Our Pricing is a Little Different. Just Like Us. 

Traditional photographers typically charge a lot of money for a half-day or full-day shoot, no matter how many pictures they actually take. Some of the other online guys charge you a flat rate for each photo, without taking into account the number of products you actually need photographed. Or what photos would make your products look best. We’ll also give you a discount if you need more than one version of your photograph — a different set for a different store, for example.

Because we’re cool like that.

1-10 Products

$21 Per Photo

11-50 Products

$19.95 Per Photo

51-100 Products

$18.90 Per Photo

101-200 Products

$17.85 Per Photo

201+ Products

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of things do you photograph?

We like to think that we can do it all, and maybe we can. But items larger than two feet on the sides could require special pricing based on requests and specifications. Wondering if we can shoot your item? Just ask. 

How do the discounts work?

Because we love working with people so much, we hope that they keep coming back. Volume discounts can accumulate during a calendar year. Want to do a huge order and then maybe another smaller order? We’ll continue to apply the discount.

How do I get my products to you?

We’re in Knoxville. You’re… not in Knoxville. No problem! Mail us your items. We’ll carefully unpack them, take photos, then meticulously repack them and mail them back to you. Easy-peasy. If you’re in the Knoxville area, we can arrange pick-up or drop-off — whatever works best!

What if I just want one photo?

There is a $100 minimum for all orders. Electricity and all.

How does the retouching work?

Our goal is to use our mad skills to give you images as close to ‘camera-ready’ (pun intended) as possible. Basic retouching does not include any product flaws, wrinkles, or whatever weird thing might happen. Though we will of course go the extra mile to make sure that you’re happy with our work. Just let us know what you need.

What is the turnaround time?

Every client and order is different but we strive for 7-14 business days upon the arrival of your products to our studio. Need a rush on things? There is an additional cost of $20 per photo and we aim for a 3 to 4 business day turnaround. Need it, like, super ASAP? There is an added cost of $50 per photo and we aim for a 1- to 2-business day turnaround. We understand things happen, so let us know if you have any questions and we’ll figure out a solution.

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